Do 'Plus Size' Models Encourage Obesity?! | WhatTheHealth

Do ‘Plus Size’ Models Encourage Obesity?! | WhatTheHealth

Do ‘Plus Size’ Models Encourage Obesity?! | WhatTheHealth
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”Mg-GrCwaZOc” title=”Do ‘Plus Size’ Models Encourage Obesity?! | WhatTheHealth” upload_time=”2015-04-16T15:30:00.000Z” description=”Today I talk about the ‘plus size’ models debate, obesity and body shaming. Follow me on Twitter: Instagram: There is currently a debate being talked about” duration=”PT5M33S”]
Today I talk about the ‘plus size’ models debate, obesity and body shaming.
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There is currently a debate being talked about in the media, concerning the term ‘plus size’ to describe curve models. Within that debate there always seems to be questions raised about whether ‘plus size’ models promote or encourage obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. I wanted to respond to that in today’s video.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this, so please do leave me a comment!

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Chyaz | WhatTheHealth

14 thoughts on “Do ‘Plus Size’ Models Encourage Obesity?! | WhatTheHealth

  1. I completely agree! I don’t think there’s much room for this discussion. I
    do feel that the whole concept of plus size models was designed to make
    people feel better about themselves, to see that you don’t have to be tiny
    to be beautiful and I completely agree with this (not that being tiny isn’t
    beautiful, but it’s not the only way). As always, great video Chyaz :)

  2. You’re totally right. In an ideal world everyone would be concerned about
    their HEALTH first and foremost…but not everyone will, and we should
    still treat those people whatever their size with respect and love! Making
    assumptions about someone’s health or fitness level upon first impression
    of them, not knowing anything about their lifestyle really irks me as well.
    There are people who would be considered ‘plus size’ who eat good food and
    enjoy an active lifestyle. There is no perfect picture of a ‘healthy body’
    it looks different for everyone :)

  3. The thing is size shouldn’t be discussed. Yes we should aim to be healthy
    but where does it say we are the ones to tell someone if they are or are
    not healthy. Why is it ok for someone to smoke,drink to excess etc but it
    is not ok to enjoy their body the way it is. I don’t think that seeing a
    shape of body makes me go “oh I will aim to be that shape” I am the shape I
    am due to genetics and the way I live my life . I’m not big or tiny but I
    am happy, I love the fact my body has changed since having my son as it is
    part of my story. 

  4. Sorry that my question hasn’t anything to do with the video, but what do
    you think of Avril’s new song? I like it very much :)

  5. I think it is so upsetting because I think it is important for all body
    types to be represented in the media. I am not obese but I am over weight
    myself and I am trying so hard right now to lose weight. But in the mean
    time, being told my body is too large to even be shown in the media is very
    disheartening. And it is very discouraging!
    Along with obesity though, depression is becoming a very large concern and
    the two are actually correlated. So I don’t believe putting down larger
    body types is going to encourage any of them to lose weight, but rather
    make them feel worse.
    And on top of everything, whenever there is a post or message or anything
    that tries to be like large body positive (which I think we need more of
    and is important), people who aren’t large come in and whine that they
    aren’t being represented. Like, look around you! You’re constantly being
    told you are accepted just by the types of bodies they use in advertising
    and on television!
    And I know “skinny shaming” has become a problem, and it isn’t okay either.
    But I do believe it has been concieved from larger people being fed up with
    being constantly put down. If we just treated everyone, no matter what
    size, with respect, there wouldn’t be the need for this retaliation on
    either side!
    Anyways, sorry for the rant … It is just a very close to home issue. 

  6. i used to model when i was around 16yrs old and i was a UK size 12, i
    didnt like being labelled as plus size because a 12 is below the UK
    average. also because i was a the low end of plus size most people wouldnt
    hire me because i wasnt big enough, they wanted regular size “skinny” (like
    a size 6) models or “fat” (like a size 18) plus size models and because i
    was in the middle it was hard to find work even though i was a good size to
    represent the “average” woman.

  7. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Plus size models do not promote obesity. There
    is nothing wrong with being a plus sized model, however, all these far too
    skinny models promote anorexia because people believe them to be perfect. I
    find it unfair that plus sized models are targeted for this because I have
    never heard of someone looking at a plus sized model and saying they want
    to become larger to look like them. However, I have heard many people
    looking at dangerously thin models and saying they aspire to look like

  8. This pisses me off. You are so right! Health is important, yes, but
    sometimes people can’t control their weight. It’s based off of personal
    belief and what they want to do with their life. You know, on their own.
    People need to stop making judgement on what others should and shouldn’t do
    and primarily focus on themselves! And people are beautiful. I always say I
    believe in the eye of the beholder!
    Thanks Chyaz xx

  9. Big people need to wear clothes too, and want to see what the clothes look
    like on their bodies. I think there is so much sensitivity in the issue but
    the truth of it is obesity is a disease and everyone knows the cure, it’s
    just extremely difficult to psychologically do it. And if people are in
    that lifestyle, they still want to be fashionable! This is coming from
    someone who was obese and personally I believe obesity is an eating
    disorder that is as psychological as anorexia or anything else. Outside
    influenced like media etc have some impact but nor as much as yourself, I
    mean no matter the outside influences you can overcome it. If that even
    makes sense.

  10. I totally agree. There are also many disorders that can affect weight
    (depression, PCOS, even taking medication) and can make it harder for
    people to lose weight. I think it is important to have models of all sizes.
    While we want to represent sizes on both ends of the spectrum- people
    should never be harming their bodies to obtain those standards.

  11. First, I just want to hug you.
    Secondly, I don’t really know how to explain what I’m about to say because
    it’s all already confused in my head. But I’m not “plus size” and I’m not
    skinny either. I’m a little bit overweight (still haven’t lost the baby
    belly from 5 years ago ahem). But I feel like I’m a minority even though I
    am a majority. I mean, a majority of people is a little bit overweight, you
    know, not like really obese. Just have that little extra fat… But in the
    mean time, when I go shopping, I just feel like the clothes that I try on
    were made for somebody else, just somebody skinny… Does that make sense?
    I feel like my body type is a minority in the clothes offer existing on the
    markert. It took me a long time to realise that the majority of people
    around me were probably in the same case. I hope this makes sense…
    Thirdly, I’ve seem somewhere (probably on tumblr) that some “plus size”
    models were not even actually overweight. Some of them are just skinny
    models puttings things on their body to appear curvier under a shirt or a
    blouse… So that the fashion industry can control the curves. When I see
    “plus size” models, they’re (most of them) curvy, but JUST IN THE RIGHT
    PLACE. You know what I mean?

    Anyway, this was a really good video Chyaz :)

  12. It is not just about vanity, or looks, it is also about ones health. They
    are the standard. They are the ones that are being told that they aren’t
    accepted in society, therefore it is okay to be unhealthy and buy processed
    foods and lodge it up their throats to the point of death. This is all
    industrial bull crap. They are the ones who listen to the media and the
    industry, and its their own fault for putting their life at risk of the
    many diseases that come with being overweight or obese. They aren’t even
    aware; or they are aware, but choose to ignore it so then they can have
    their temporary pleasures. Just because people actually point out facts,
    doesn’t consider them a “fat shamer”. Sometimes it takes determination and
    strength to actually push ones self to take care of their body the best
    they can, other than stuffing their faces with God knows what. People can
    have fat on their bones, but there’s a limit to everything.

  13. There should be all different types of models out there. Because there are
    all different types of people out there. Having no plus size models won’t
    stop people being fat it will just make fat people feel like shit, and
    they’ll still be fat. What if the norm of modeling (forever) was a bunch
    of fat girls and you were the weight you are…you wouldn’t go get fat but
    you’d feel like crap right? So, there should be models from size 00 all the
    way up to the 30s out there, plus like someone else said, people need to
    see what clothes will look like on there body. You also mentioned health a
    lot, well, models in general are not very healthy, a lot of models have
    eating disorders and stuff, and that should change, regardless of size
    models and people should be healthier and yes you can be healthy and fat,
    I’m a size 14 vegetarian who works out for over an hour a day.

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