Is Your BF Or GF Allowed To Follow Models On Instagram? | The View

Is Your BF Or GF Allowed To Follow Models On Instagram? | The View

Is Your BF Or GF Allowed To Follow Models On Instagram? | The View
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35 thoughts on “Is Your BF Or GF Allowed To Follow Models On Instagram? | The View

  1. they can follow whoever they want , but they come home to me. and if they
    don’t like the way I look I’m sure there is someone who does.

  2. It’s okay to be attracted to other people while in a relationship, it’s
    normal were humans. It’s just a like on instagram. Talking in real life is
    another story though.

  3. I think it’s disrespectful if anything. I wouldn’t be jealous, but it’s
    disrespectful to be following around booty and swimsuit models while in a

  4. no porn, no likes. if you’re looking else where, then f off. keep your sick
    fantasies inside your head. don’t do the action.

  5. It’s ok to be attracted to other people. That’s being human. I think your
    self esteem is to low if your not ok with your significant other being
    attracted to someone else.

  6. Sunny & Paula sound incredibly insecure (LIKE ALWAYS). Social media
    shouldn’t be taken seriously, it’s just for fun. People fuck up their own
    relationships when they take shit like social media too seriously. If he is
    following these incredibly hot models Raven is right it’s just a fantasy,
    it’s not like he’s ever going to be with them in real life. And how is it
    emotional cheating because I follow attractive models on social media? Can
    you say REACHING!!! LOL

  7. Some people are more liberal about how they use social media than others..
    Some see it as a fantasy land that doesn’t mean much and others see as a
    true extension of ourselves. I’m somewhere in the middle but I believe
    people should assess each person on a case by case basis, as we all think
    differently. That’s why I like Whoopi, as cooky as she can be sometimes,
    she’s dealt with more varieties of people than the whole panel, so she
    generally rolls with the “each situation is different” mentality.

  8. The other two women besides Raven are OD insecure lmfao like it’s just
    Instagram. It’s not even someone he would know personally and eventually
    end up with. There’s no point of having an Instagram account if someone is
    going to monitor who you follow and what you like.

  9. There’s always gonna be someone prettier than you and you gotta let it not
    affect you.. Another woman’s beauty is not the absence of your own .. And
    if those women think they’re husbands don’t stare at prettier girls models
    or not they be trippin..

  10. The clip didn’t show the hypocrisy of the other woman who think it’s ok to
    follow a male like Channing Tatum

    Stupid segment.

  11. that’s just like saying you can’t have a celebrity crush when you’re in
    relationship. get out of here. as long as they aren’t talking/planning to
    hook up with them, it’s fine. you can think other people are hot, it’s
    natural. just don’t be having sex with other people.

  12. Jesus loves the sinner but doesn’t love sin! For prayer call 1(800)327-7827
    or 1(800)DAY-STAR

  13. I don’t care if my partner is attracted to other people but there is a
    respect factor that cannot be dismissed. For example, don’t break your neck
    trying to look at other women walking by. I think following Instagram
    “models” and liking their pics is disrespectful while in a relationship.
    Keep your fantasies and lust for other women to yourself. Don’t publicize
    it to the world.

  14. Following a bunch of other women and constantly liking their pictures is
    strange if you’re in a relationship and either way makes you look thirsty
    as hell

  15. Guilty of “Emotional Cheating”? That’s like me playing Grand Theft Auto in
    a PlayStation and I’m now guilty of “Emotional Terrorism and Mass Murder”.

  16. Go Raven.
    I am okay with it too, watch porn, follow hot people, beauty is universal,
    humans are complexe. I am doing the same thing.

  17. You should allow your gf or bf to look respectively(can find someone
    attractive but doesn’t act on it) . But if it goes further then that’s when
    there should be an issue.

  18. Actually Psychology proves that Porn actually does ruin relationships and
    marriages, so…. Yeah. Just saying.

  19. Ha ha…no wonder Raven doesn’t care. She’s doing the same thing. She
    always brings a young, fresh viewpoint to things.

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